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Dyslexia Screening



Scotopic sensitivity, visual perception and Irlen syndrome screening.


Learning difficulties –  Reading, writing, maths, auditory processing, Irlen dyslexia and other

     learning issues.

Teach students how to learn by taking them beyond rote learning.

Cognitive issues – assessment of giftedness or intellectual disability.

Establish a framework for independent learning designed to encourage students to be pro-active

    and take control of the learning process.

Empowering students through skill development  ~ Study skills – techniques and strategies to

    improve learning and study effectiveness ~ Thinking skills – critical thinking, problem-solving and

    creative solutions.

Fostering self-confidence based on the solid foundations of 'Thinking Smart' where students learn

    to think creatively, to dissect, evaluate and comprehend issues, to form opinions, problem solve 

    and to become discerning and effective communicators.

Creating a love of learning and excitement that comes with empowerment

    The insights gained from assessments are used to inform and direct coaching sessions.

    This allows us to target your child’s specific strengths and weaknesses.


    We specialise in working with children from pre-school age through to Year 8 students, and their





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