My son Tommy has Tourette Syndrome.   2012 was a big year for Tommy accepting his condition and the challenges he has and will face in the future.

Throughout the year Robyn was very supportive of Tommy and his needs.  She developed strategies to allow him time out when his tics became unmanageable, she was very approachable and built up a rapport with Tommy allowing him to talk to her about his feelings and his tics, which he did often.  She also organised, at Tommy’s request, a presentation to his class about Tourette Syndrome and answered questions of the students to help them understand the condition.  All of this helped alleviate some of Tommy’s anxieties.

Robyn also kept the line of communication open with me at all times whether via email or in person where Tommy was concerned and kept me informed about how he was coping with his learning and behaviour.

Robyn’s compassion, good hearted humour, openness, approachability and teaching skills served to help make the year much more manageable for both Tommy and I.



My reaction to a new overlay!

When we finally found out what colour overlay I was it was quite amazing that I needed to use two overlays to make one colour.  Blue and red.  The Irlen syndrome made red and blue lines appear randomly across words.

When we first discovered what colour I needed I was laughing because I finally knew what colour overlay worked.  After that I cried because I was so happy that I would finally know what trees, birds and everything would look like normally!  I was just so happy that I would be able to see!

Seeing normal like everyone else was all I ever really wanted.

I even used my new overlay colour to type this very report!  I’m just so happy that I can read now. 

Thank you for giving me the ability to read!

Jacalyn P Year 7



I am writing to inform you of my experience with Robyn Ford.  My son was in Grade 3 last year and was struggling at school.  His teacher pointed out that at times he appeared to be straining to look at words or placing his face very close to a page to read.  She suggested that I have him screened for Irlen dyslexia.

When I got in contact with Robyn, she was very approachable and was able to offer me reassurance and answer many question that I had in relation to my son’s difficulties.  We arranged a time to meet at my son’s school to have Robyn complete a series of screening tests with Riley (my son).


Robyn was very friendly and was ale to relate to the way Riley felt about having more tests.  She was also sensitive to my needs as a parent watching their child go through these difficulties.

During the tests, Robyn was able to build a rapport with Riley and reassure him.  He managed to get through the tests without too much complaint as Robyn made it less painful for him by relating to him well.  Upon completion of the tests, Robyn was able to spend time with me to make suggestions and to offer support.

I felt that she was thorough in her testing with Riley.  I found her manner made both Riley and myself very comfortable and the experience was a positive one.  I think that these tests are necessary to rule out or pin point issues that children have when there is a learning difficulty involved so that we can make learning easier for Children.  I also think that in doing all these tests, Children can sometimes get ‘fed up’ with being tested.  However I thought that Robyn made this test less painful for Riley by engaging his attention and having a bit of fun with him and making the experience worthwhile.

Kind Regards

Jacqui S


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